Python is an interpreted, object orientated, high level programming language. Python was initially introduced around 1991, and has gained its popularity. Python is a programming language that makes code readability a top priority, thus allowing it to be a pretty “friendly” language to new programmers as an introduction to programming.

Who uses python: Google, NASA, YouTube, New York Stock Exchange, Homeland Security Software, Trafic Control, Robotics, Hospitals, and most importantly ME! :D

As of starting this project, there is no website to teach you how to program in python, there is not a single tutorial. So i have decide to start a website for the sole purpose of teaching and learning python.

Tutorial For whom?

This site should be used by beginners to start teaching themselves programming in python programming language, for intermediate python programmers to pick techniques and to reference syntax issues and advanced python programmers can use this site in order to stay up to date with python news, and upcoming events, and also to get themselves familiar with different programming, such as implementing encryption systems, creating games etc…