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What do you need?

Important: This tutorial is currently for 3.x, meaning that older python will produce errors!! We try to keep this tutorial up to date with the latest releases of python.


Windows users can go to python.org and just grab the latest copy of python, the installation should be pretty straightforward, as the installation package will take you step by step through the installation process.

Once you have got python installed, in windows you can test it by creating a *.py file, its icon will change automatically. You can also go to Start >> Python 3.x >>IDLE (Python GUI) , when you open it you will get a python shell.


Linux/Unix comes with python pre-installed, you can find it on the terminal, just type in the terminal:

admin@python-tutorial:~$ python

this should automatically take you to the python shell.

Debian Based Linux (ubuntu/kubuntu etc..): You can go to synaptic package manager, then you can install the python IDE, just search for “Python 3 IDE”


As of Mac OS X 10.5 Python comes pre-installed, but you can always find a copy on python.org/download/mac .


Windows: You can use notepad or the IDE provided by python, which can be found by going to Start >> Python X.x >>  IDLE (Python GUI) >> File (Menu) >> New Window. Its good enough but it lacks some features. You can find a list of IDEs in the List of Python IDE page.

Linux/Unix : You can use some pretty good open source softwares out there, and you most probably have a copy of gedit which you can use for editing your python files, this should be good enough for you.

Mac: Apple’s XCode is an excellent python IDE, there are also other ones that you can use such as Eclipse, but why not simply use the XCode – its pretty powerful.

For a more professional list of IDEs designed to work with python, you can click here.

And finally you need to PRACTICE EVERY CODE to learn it. You must type it up and test it in order to learn it, and you can always use the python programming forum for help/support!

Good Luck!