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What do you need?

The things that you will need in order to follow this tutorial.

Print & Comments

How to output characters in the screen using “print”, and writing comments about your codes.

Arithmetic and Math

How to do simple arithmetic such as addition, subtraction & multiplication.


How to declare different types of variables in python, and how to use them.

If else Statement

How to make logical decision in python.


How to create and manipulate arrays in python.

for and while loop

Understanding loops and how to loop through data using python.

Functions in Python

How to define your own functions using the def statement.

User Input

This will teach you how to take user inputs and what can be done with them.

File Manipulation

How to create, delete, change, append, read data from/into files using python.

Classes & Libraries

What are classes and how to use them in python, and what are libraries.

Whats Next?

Now that you know the basics of python, what should you do next?